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Indigenous people mostly deprived of diversified development interventions particularly in the field of Income Generating Activities. Although there are many NGOs are working in the tribal belt of konakan but only few NGOs are working for capacity development of the indigenous women and youth in the Palghar District. To upgrade the living standard of the targeted people it is very much needed to bring them under the Income generating activities and this scope already prevailing in the proposed area. At present the main scope of IGA’s are hand woven, small business, crop cultivation, bamboo cane work, wooden furniture, Handicraft, tailoring, Poultry rearing, cow rearing and beef fattening, pig rearing, homestead gardening etc.From the experience, NARAD realized that only credit support cannot ensure the permanent positive economical change of targeted people so, if they are provided technical support like as training on IGA management & skill development on product/trade, marketing linkage, business development service etc. at the same time financial support as a start up cost of that IGA income level of targeted people will be significantly increased which will lead to ensure sustainability their self-employment activities. One day they will be able to become a successful entrepreneur
1) Banjo-Party Group (Jambhulpada) - The Jambhulpada village is 35 KM away from Jawhar. There were a young group and was interested making banjo Party group but they could not do that due to unavailability of financial support. The group was having a skill of playing musical instrument. They were migrates towards urban area and works as unskilled laborer to earn money. They make contact to NARAD and proposed their interest doing self employment. The NARAD employee visited jambhulpada village and arrange meeting of the young group, learned their problem and made solution to resolve their problem. The group was very interested in aforesaid areas .Therefore NARAD provided them banjo party instrument on 17/12/2015 with support of AMMADA Trust. The group include 19 member such as Srawan Kisan Bhoye , Jayendra Deu
Bhoye, Bhiva Rama Bhoye, Bhiva Rama Bhoye, Nilesh Khndu Gaikawad, Suresh Ganpat Bhoye Ganesh Deu Bhoye, Naynesha Ramadash Bhoye, Vishnu Suresh gangoda, Kamlakar lakhu Bhondva, Umesh Shivaram Hirkuda, Chandrya Kashiram Hirkuda, Govind Kashinath Gaikawad ,Baburao Shiva Bhoye, Jitesh Chyatrya Gaikawad, Prabhakar Yashawant Potinda, Shandip Shiva Gangoda, Kaluram Tulshiram Bhoye, Dilip Shankar Bhoye.
2) Banjo-Party Group (Telichapada)-The youth group from Telichapada was unemployed belonging to poor family. Hence they were wandering here-there. This youth was very interesting to do something for earning money but they did not have source to do. They were expert in playing banjo instrument but were unable to buy this. They were come in to contact with NARAD office and expressed their intention. AMMADA Trust sanctioned Rs.73600 for purchasing of Musical instrument (Village Band). The NARAD purchased same as  quotation in presence of this group and handover them on 04/12/2015. First order they got instantly, while they were returning with this instrument from Nashik and taking lunch at restaurant on the way. Someone reputed person from Nashik was seeing this and offer them to play this for a while. And he awarded them Rs.2000 as wages. And thus it was good start. The group includes 16 member such asSumit Jayawant Pawar, Rajesh Ramdash Padher, Bhashakar Ramu Bambare, Jitesh Shankar Bhore, Ekanath Ganapat Nagavashi, Shubhash Arjun Korada, Dhavalu Jiva Madi, Suresh Yashawnat Padher, Ashvin Dhavalu Govind, Yogesh Dhavalu Gaikawad, Pravin Dhavalu Gaikawad, Ramachandra Dhavalu Gaikawad, Sunil Pratap Patekar, Arjun Revaji Gaikawad, Janu Gopal Korda, Gurunath Krushna Padher. After that they got much marriage/other festival order.
3) To set-up Provisional shop - Mr.Arjun Ravaji Shinde is belonging to tribal community from shivajinagar village (Jawhar Block).Before this He was living in very difficult situation. Hardly was he getting wages on local level. So he was often migrating along with children and wife toward urban area for earning more income. It leads to poor health status of all family and loss of child education.He was wishing to setup provisional store in shivajinagar village. He made a contact with NARAD employee and he gave assurance there is much scope of provisional store and I will be stable if the store will be setup. AMMADA Trust sanctioned financial support for setting up Provisional store to Mr.Arjun Ravaji Shinde from shivajinagar village (Jawhar Block).The NARAD purchased all materials as per quotation with presence of him on 24/12/2015 .Mr. Arjun started provisional store at Shivajinagar village. In the starting of the store he was earning Rs.100-200 per day. Slowly he invests all his profit to increases more material so that costumer increased and now days he are earning Rs.500 to 700 per day. He is very happy to getting this support .He says that now I do not need to migrate and I am now enable to keep attention to my children.Mr.Kalpesh Atmaram Tumbada from karhe village was unemployed younger and interested doing something for earning. He came to contact with NARAD employee and asked for some help to create employment him .The NARAD suggested definitely you will be start to earn much money if he will starting a provisional shop aside road in karhe (Jawhar-Dahanu Road) near Ashram School. He ready to do and NARAD sponsored him material to start the provisional shop on 23/12/2015.Same as sponsored to Mr.Vijay Santya Rao, Talawali village on same day.
4) To Provide Masonry Instruments - Many families from Shivaji nagar and Medha village are migrating toward urban area for a short time. This made disturbance in their family heath, children education and many other issue. Unavailability of employment in local level, they compel to migrate even if they having any skill. Such 50 families we made survey of respecting village. We found in survey the male having good skill in masonry work in 20 families but lack of availability of masonry instrument they could not work masonry job. The NARAD prepared 4 groups of this 20 families and sponsored masonry instrument to each group on 01/01/2016.Now these group are working on construction of houses, drinking well, etc. and earning started better than migration job. Now these families no need to migrate and are living in the good life.
5) To provide Fishing-Net to Poor group - The Jambhulpada village is 35 KM away from Jawhar and situated on the bank of embracement and having much scope doing a fishery business to the villagers. But the lack of availability of fishing net they can’t do that hence they migrate for work to long distance from their village. Already the NARAD have been working there. The issue learned by the workers and motivates them to create a group. The villagers made three group included 20 people in each group. The group meeting arranged by the worker to ask them what to do require for starting the fishery business. the problem came out there is already existed a naturalr esources but require equipment but cant purchase due to high cost of this equipments. The NARAD Sponsored those fishing net along with related equipments on 17/12/2015. Now they have been going to earn money in local level through fishery business. Each group collects 20-40 KG fish daily and sells it in to local market Kasa at Rs.150 per kg. Or sometime mediatory comes village and buy all fish from this group. Lots of benefit got from this fishery business to the people of jambhulpada and now they did not need to migrate another place for work. Also third group was interested in the area of carpentry business. Every group member has undertaken a carpenter training. Although natural resources available but absence of equipment they have not been engage in this occupation. Therefore NARAD sponsored this group for carpentry equipments. And now group are doing this occupation in enthusiastically. Beneficieries Group A- Kashinath Ziprya More, Madhu Deu Bhoye, Sandip Sadu Borkar, Shubhasa Rajya Dhuru, Vinaod Shiva Bhoye, Vishnu Dasharath Borkar, Eshawar Mahadu Gaikawad, Ravi Kakadya Gaikawad, Parasu Jivalya Bhoye, Rama Pandu Korada, Tulshiram Sonu Bhoye, Lahu Govind Gaikawad, Kamalakar Santa Borkar, Lakhu Balu Bhondva, Laxu Pandu Mondha, Babalya Laxman Pawar, Jankya Pandu Mondha, Anil Laxman Pawar, Yashavant Mahadu Potinda Beneficieries Group B- Prabhakar Chiman Mondha, Rama Kashiram Hirkuda, Kakadya Kashu Kadali, Jivalya Sonu Bhoye, Santa Govind Bhoye, Gopal Janu Gangoda, Rama Chandrya Borkar, Raju Sitaram Valavi, Dasharath Kisan Bhoye, Budhya Ramji Kadali, Chiman Rama Mondha, Rama Deu Bhoye, Desai Kasu Kdali, Pandu Govind Korda, Lahu Govind Bhoye, Bhagawan Sitaram Valavi, Pandu Lahu Bhoye, Sitaram Dhavalu Bhoye, Vastak Kasu Kadali, Babalya Shrawan Potinda Beneficieries Group C- Mohan Ganpat sapata, manglya Shiva Hirkuda, Ambalal Shankar Baraf, Samasu Raghunatha Bambare, Naresha Sakharam Gaikavad, Keshav Chintaman Hirkuda, Nilesha Chandar Jadhav, Anil Yashavant potinda, Bharat Parshu Bhoye, Visharam Shitaram Bhoye, Ramdas Endu bambare, Sharad Raghunatha Bambare
6) To Provide Bhanjani Mandal Musical Instrument - The NARAD created a group of Bhajani Mandal in Talawali village and sponsored them a musical  instrument on 25/12/2015. The young group already had imbibed the art of music. There were a lot of great opportunities in this profession for group. In every occasion people from talavali and its surrounding villages calls them to singing a bhajan and devotional song and pay them as per decided. Before this they were hired musical instrument on rental basis. From has sponsored the instrument this group got lot of benefit and saved the rent of instruments. They are getting Rs.4000 to 5000 from each order. Beneficieries Group Member - Rahul Sakharam Savar, Dinesha Sakharam Rao, Dipak Jau Hilim, Visharam Pandu Handava, Rajesha Nathu Rao, Krushana Ravaji Hilim
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Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your such a good work. I try in my balance of life each year to do such a good work....
Mr.Rajanikant Pandey,Kolkata
I does appreciate the  work of NARAD NGO.  the NARAD utilized my donation to reliable work.
Mr.Yogiraj Kiranje,Mumbai
I liked NARAD tree Plantation Campaign. Really this is very good works to save environment . I will be participate every year in this campaign.
Mr.Bhai Sawant,Wada
मला खुप आनंद वाटतो की मी नराड संस्थेच्या संपर्कात आलो आणि चांगल्या कामासाठी माझा हातभार लागला.
श्री.निलेश इंगले, मुबंई
Thanks a lot for giving us an opportunity for participating in the tree plantation. On behalf of UPS Foundation and UPS India Volunteers, I would like to thanks to you and your team members for supporting us as always..
Mr.Sayaji Chavan, Human Resource,UPS India,Mumbai
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