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Sponsor a farmer for planting A tree sapling on their own Waste land. Each farmer require 2000 sapling of mix forest tree including fruit tree.the cost of One sapling is Rs.80 ncluding labour and maintenance charges.Labour cahrges includes pits digging and sapling transport to the land from nursery.All labour activity will be done by beneficiary farmer and charged will be paid to farmer.
The National Rural Research and Development Association have been started in 1999. Some youngsters from rural areas of Thane District took a one year diploma of village level workers training at Raigad. This led them towards social work. After the training, they decided to form an organization to solve problems of the tribal community. Thus National Rural Rea-search and Development Association was born in 1999.with the goal of �Over all Rural Development�
                          The National Rural Research and Development Association are working in this area to solve the problem which faces by tribal from the last 8 years. A NARAD activity mainly focuses on child education, water & sanitation, to barrier migration, women Empowerment. It includes Jalswarajya Project, Balawadi Centers, Rain harvesting Project, Acceleration of Universal Salt Iodization and Child Survival in Maharashtra Project and  Tree plantation Project.

Overall Rural Development.
1. To implement various developments programmed in selected field work area of Asso.  Such as economical, social, educational, cultural , Health program. environmental program
2. To execution women and child development program.
3. To execution sports and youth service programme.
National Rural Research and Development Association
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